Interior wall detail
1. Interior wall detail
Interior wall detail 1
2. Interior wall detail 1
Interior wall detail 2
3. Interior wall detail 2
Interior wall detail 3
4. Interior wall detail 3
Interior wall detail 4
5. Interior wall detail 4
Chris Reimer working 1995
6. Chris Reimer working 1995
Jo Darbyshire 1995
7. Jo Darbyshire 1995
Marine Operations Centre Fremantle exterior 1995
8. Marine Operations Centre Fremantle exterior 1995

Marine Operations Centre 2005

Clear to the West,
17 metre long Mural painted in the curved Meeting Room,
at the Marine Operations Centre, Fremantle, WA  in 2005
A percent for art project managed by Paola Anselmi
Supported by Chris Reimer

A framework of marine ply was constructed on the inside curved wall of the main meeting and training room of the Marine Operations Centre. The unusual shape of the 17 m round wall was exploited by painting a mural which immersed clients and stakeholders in an aquatic environment - referencing  the popular experience of underwater viewing rooms (i.e. on Busselton Jetty).

The painting was an abstract interpretation of an underwater world that attempted to create a sense of depth, mystery, movement, transparency and beauty.

It encompassed a height of 2m at the left side and moved to a height of 4.5 metres on the right side of the wall.