1. Pink Lake and Samphire Oct 2021 120cm x 1 m, oil on canvas
2. Jo Darbyshire leading a Lake Grace regional art space workshop 9 Oct 2021 photo Tania Spencer
3. Jo and brother Andy on dads truck1967
4. Pat Dare, water skiing- Wagin 1962 photo Sally Dare
5. Opening of the Lake Grace Pool 1966 Children diving after decimal coins which had just been introduced photo Eun Darby
6. Nino Buratovic immigration photo1956 took teams of Yugoslav workers around the wheatbelt in the 1960-s 1980s building wheatbins
7. Roaded Catchment Lake Grace town dams 2021 photo google earth
8. Dingo rock dam on the Argent farm, north east of Lake Grace, 2021- water catchment walls and dam built by prisoners from Fremantle Gaol in 1952 photo Google earth
9. Jo at Katter Kich or Wave Rock, Oct 2021
10. Lake Grace regional art space workshop 9 Oct 2021 photo Tania Spencer

Spaced4- Lake Grace Artist Residency 2021

WEBSITE Spaced.org.au

This project was commissioned by International Art Space as a part of the spaced 4: rural utopias program


Spaced 4: rural utopias is a program centred on an artists’ exchange between international and Australian visual artists with regional and remote West Australian communities. The program will span three years (2019-21) and constitute the core of the fourth iteration of spaced, a recurring international program of context-responsive art, presented by International Art Space (IAS)  https://www.facebook.com/spacedias/

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